My name is Spence Reichardt and I am the Principal of Tricosoft Consulting

Below is one of my favorite family photos from more than a few years ago. (Yes I know the quality was not quite so good back then). My amazing parents are at the back and the four at the front are my (now grown up) children of whom I am very proud. Behind them on the right is my lovely wife and I am opposite.

I am a thinker, strategist, problem solver, initiator, planner and organiser

I have over 30 years experience in accounting, internet, computer systems, websites and management, and am comfortable working at both Governance and Management level. I have a good understanding of and interest in business and other organisational structures, and I bring the following strengths.

Problem solving

I am an optimistic lateral thinking problem solver who sees a problem as a solution that is about to happen. I enjoy finding new solutions to problems and developing new and efficient ways to complete tasks.

Communication and training

I am a clear communicator who can communicate well at various levels and enjoys seeing others grow in knowledge and understanding.

Website development

I started creating websites as an interest more than 20 years ago and have developed a good understanding of how they and the internet work. things have advanced greatly since then and I am pleased and excited to now be able to offer a website development service using the Rocketspark platform.


I have held leadership roles at both management and governance levels for most of my working life as - Administration Manager at Daltons Limited - Chairman of Peria Christian Education Inc - Chairman of Matamata Christian School BOT - Chairman of Matamata Christian Early Learning Centres Limited BoD - Chairman of Kid on the Rock Foundation - General Manager Kiwi Ranch Rotorua - Manager of my own accounting practice - manager of my own 50% sharemilking business - Chairman and national delegate BOP Sharemilkers Association - branch manager Bay Farmers Trading Society Tauranga - Chairman local Young Farmers Club.

Planning and Organisation

I am a logical, progressive planner and organiser. I enjoy organising one off events as well as developing and implementing new systems and processes, particularly computer network and accounting systems.